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5 principles for making convertible cool videos

Most of us as entrepreneurs or marketers know how video can be a very effective sales and retention tool. One of the key approaches is to make video " convertible," meaning that viewers can click on the video to buy the products or services they see.

But, what is a convertible video?

"Convertible" video differs from video ads in that it is designed to be watched as organic content: clicking on the video does not exit the video, but rather adds an item to the cart so that it can be purchased later. Take window shopping to another level: if you want to get into the Google shopping mall, find out how to create brilliant converting videos below.

So much bla, bla, but...Now we give you the five principles to create effective convertible videos & create customer engagement.

1. Make it easy for all – convertible videos should be simple KISS factor (Keep It Super Simple)

The user experience (UX) has to be perfect for a video focused on selling. It needs to be clear what, where to click and what will happen once it's done. Have a single, clear and direct call to action - add to cart; buy now; share - that doesn't get in the way of the video experience. Make sure your website visitors can easily shop.

Use text in your videos, but don't overload it.
2. Test, target, and customize your video.

Approach the video with a clear demographic in mind and, if you choose to use influencers, choose your collaborators accordingly. then start doing tests like A/B testing, which will help you discover what works and what doesn't, from length to timing and message.

This will also allow you to adapt the video to different customer segments or audiences so that everyone receives the content that is most likely to convert them into customers.

3. Make your video interactive and entertaining.

The goal of your video is to make something that people will want to watch for themselves - it should look like they're enjoying a day of shopping rather than an infomercial. Follow the usual rules of video engagement: show a story, use emotion, and keep it moving.

And remember, you're not trying to sell to them, you're trying to make it easy for them to buy.

Beyond the marketing strategy, you have to get the production quality.

The best way to make a video entertaining or impactful is to go for the quality. You don't always need a big budget, but people don't expect brands to be amateurs. Make sure you optimize it for mobile. Make it a seamless path that leads directly into the sales funnel.

4. Make your video very social

Make it clear that the video is clickable and make it easy to share, expanding your reach into a whole new channel. It goes without saying that social media platforms should be used for interactive convertible videos.

Success is due to a clear video marketing strategy, which involves the brand understanding its objectives, problems, and solutions to solve for a particular audience, which captures any audience is a unique and interactive experience. It shows that there is a clear buying process together with valuable content.


313 cinemarketing is a cool, ethical & innovative video production company with the capacity to create video anywhere, in any format, using an international talent network.

Need a video project in mind and don't know where to start? Schedule a free session to find out how we can help you.

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